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        穿云電子科技有限公司以可靠的技術,天線相關領域的研發,已推出GPS 有源天線,GPS+GSM組合天線,GSM天線,2.4G天線, 3.5G,5.8G,433,315天線,GPS/GLONASS天線,FM/AM天線,Iridium天線,SDAR(2.4G有源)天線,系列連接器,連接線等產品自主研發的 客戶采用。



    Since chuanyun electron  co.,ltd is founded, it is specialized in developing and Manufacturing all kinds of antenna products.. The company has a high technology  technician team and is advanced in it’s testing and maintenance equipments. Our goal is always to provide a full range of service to our customers..

    Depends on it’s reliable technology ability. chuanyun electron co.,ltd is major in the GPS and related field.Currently, our main products include the gps antenna,gps/gsm combined antenna.GSM antenna.wifi antenna 3.5/5.8G antenna ,fm/am antenna,rfid(915)antenna,RF connector and interface cable etc.

    Our company have got certificate, parts of products has passed . We also provide technology support for our corperaters. The products we developed ourselives such as GPS/GSM/WIFI/3.5G 5.8G series antenna has been succeed adopted by lots of foreign customers.

    Our mission: The technology beyond unlimited, sincere make the distance near.

    We always looks the “Good service,good quality to win the customers”as our highest goal. And will pay more and more efforts to satisfied our customers by improving and full fill our products,collecting more market information, more concern the customer’s ideal.



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